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Finding student research positions at universities and institutions

Hi there,

I am a fourth-year biomedical engineering student doing the pre-med option, and I wanted to share with you a task analysis setup of how I went about finding student research positions at universities and institutions by "spamming" professors and scientists.  It has worked for me.

Feel free to modify or disagree with my procedure. :o)  But I sincerely hope this helps.

  1. Send concise and short e-mail
    1. Explain why you want to work with him
    2. Mention if you have experience or are specialized in his/her area
    3. Say if you want to learn a specific technique from him/her
    4. Schedule a time for an interview either via phone or in person

                                                               i.      “I will give you a call next week on [date] if you can to schedule a time for an interview over the phone.”

                                                             ii.      “I will be certainly happy to hear back from you at myname@myschool.edu or by phone at ###-###-####”

  1. On the date you specified in the e-mail, give them a call.
    1. If they do not answer:

                                                               i.      Leave a voicemail

1.      Explain that you are calling to follow up about a possible 3-month (or however long) internship at their lab

2.      State when you will call again precisely

3.      Do not forget to leave your phone number

    1. If they answer:

                                                               i.      Cordially introduce yourself with your name, school, and program

                                                             ii.      Confidently mention why you are calling as soon as possible

1.      “I have a chance to work outside the classroom and wish to work with you specifically because [what you saw on his/her website about the lab work]”

2.      “I am excited to learn more about your project”

                                                            iii.      If there is no space in his/her lab, mention alternative solutions

1.      “I can start in [another semester/quarter, another year] and can check back with you then to see if there is an opening

                                                           iv.      If he/she denies, kindly ask if there is another researcher who might be open to accepting a student and for his/her contact information

  1. Send a nice thank-you note written by hand mailed
    1. If they have accepted you, thank him/her for adding you to the lab
    2. If they denied you, thank him/her for the kindness for consideration
    3. If they denied you but referred you to another person, mention if you were able to contact him/her and thank him/her for the time and help
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